Friday, December 14, 2007

Another Blue Sky Day


SQUAW VALLEY USA at Elevation 6200 has 2 lifts in operation, while Elevation 8200 has 5lifts. They have a snow depth of 18 to 24”.

BOREAL 2 lifts for day skiing and 2 lifts for night skiing. A base depth of 24 to 30”

ALPINE MEADOWS 3 lifts in operation today. Their base is 17 to 23”.

KIRKWOOD will operate 3 lifts, their base is 15 to 27 “. Cross Country Area is offering 8 KM of groomed trails with skating lane, along with 30 KM for snow shoeing.

MT. ROSE 3 lifts in operation, their base depth 10 to 18’”. All parking at the Main Lodge.

MAMMOUTH MOUNTAIN will operate 11 lifts today, average base depth 20 to 25”.

SIERRA @ TAHOE 4 lifts going today. Their base depth is 10 to 14”.

SUGAR BOWL 3 lifts should operate today, with a base depth of 24 to 30”

HEAVENLY 1 lift in California, with 5 lifts operation on the Nevada Side. They have a base depth of 24 to 30”.

HOMEWOOD MOUNTAIN RESORT will open on Saturday December 15, with 3 lifts.

DIAMOND PEAK has a 12 to 25” base, lift operation today will be 4.





It is early season Skiing there are obstacles both marked and unmarked, we ask you to please be aware and ski with care. All the area that can make snow is running the guns when ever possible.

Today’s weather was taken between 4 AM and 6:30 AM and is subject to change. Temperatures this morning range from the high single digits to the Mid 20’s, winds 0 to 15 MPH with higher gusts. Sky ranges from Partly Cloudy to Clear.

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