Monday, February 4, 2008


SQUAW VALLEY USA at Elevation 6200 has the Cable Car, Funitel plus 9 lifts in operation, while Elevation 8200 has 12 lifts; mostly clear sky.

BOREAL is operating 5 lifts for day skiing and 2 for night. New snow 6 to 9” of new snow they have clear sky. .


KIRKWOOD has 2 lifts scheduled an additional 5 lifts on wind hold. Cross Country over 80 KM track with on going grooming. The skies are fair.

MT.ROSE has 6 lifts scheduled for today. Mostly clear skies, they received 1 to 2” of new snow.


SIERRA @ TAHOE 8 lifts going today. Mostly clear skies, with 10” of new snow.


HEAVENLY is planning on 10 lifts in California and 11 lifts in Nevada. Partly cloudy skies with 4 to 5” of new snow.

HOMEWOOD MOUNTAIN RESORT 8 lifts in operation for today. They received 24 to 48” of new snow, and it was dumping.

DIAMOND PEAK lift operation today will be 6. They received 18 to 36” of new snow, skies are sunny. .

SODA SPRINGS will operate 6 lifts today. With 6 to 9” of new snow, with clear skies.

NORTHSTAR @TAHOE will operate 16 lifts today. They have partly cloudy skies and did receive 3 to 4” of new snow.

TAHOE DONNER there will be 3 lift in operation. Cross country has 48 trails with grooming in progress. They received 6 to 9”’ of new snow and it was snowing.


ALL LIFT OPERATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO WIND WEATHER AND SNOW SAFETY! Surface conditions fresh powder, broken powder, and machine groomed, new snow fall was taken for the last 24 hours. We ask you to please be aware ride and ski with care. Stay within ski area boundaries due to extreme Avalanche danger.

Today’s weather was taken between 4 AM and 6:30 AM and is subject to change. A temperature range this morning from mid single digits to the mid 20’s, the winds are 5 to 25 MPH with higher gusts over the peaks and ridges, and it was snowing in some of the areas.

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